Wonderful story! We feel our pet has gone to a beautiful place surrounded by His love.  ~Linda K.

"This booklet leaves us with a vision of awe of the afterlife where our pet now resides... consoling."


"Fills our hearts with a sense of calmness... wonderful story!"


"Provides closure to a devastating loss... leaves us knowing our pet is in a beautiful place in the hands of God."


"Heartfelt story... our pet continues to feel love in heaven as on earth."

Having been in veterinary medicine for nearly 50 years I know how painful it is to lose a beloved pet.
The warmth of this book helps to lessen the burden of loss and provides a measure of comfort to all.  
May its pages remind us all of the privilege we had in the love from our pets.
  ~Stephen Shores, DVM

Euthanizing a pet is one of the hardest decisions a pet owner has to make. As a veterinarian, I know that this book will help soothe the hearts of pet parents when the time comes to let go of their beloved friends.  ~Carey R. Baily DVM

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