We Are Never Prepared

Do you have a special furry friend that was your whole world? Have you ever loved a pet so much that you could never imagine your life without it? Did the day come when your favorite pal got sick and either passed on or had to be given peace? You are not alone! ​

Pets become an integral part of our family and daily life. Our morning routine may not be complete without playing fetch or going on a walk with your dog or snuggling with your feline.

The death of a pet can be what feels like the end of your world. An emptiness beyond your heart and mind's comprehension fills your days. As humans, we imaging our loved kitties and pups feel our thoughts, emotions, and ideas. We see ourselves in our animals and they become like our children. Thus, it is no wonder we should be devastated when it is their time to go.

Remember, it is necessary to grieve and there is no set time because everyone is different. Allow yourself or your loved one to go through the loss with loving memories of the sweet friend and companion. For many people, replacing one pet with a new kitty or puppy can ease the loss faster and the new fur-baby can help turn grief into a new joy, and enable you to keep the past love alive.

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